Sunday, June 16, 2013

Introductions: Pre-emptive Strike!

Hello LOTRO Lovers! Codella and Mirinaeth here in a very special intro blog...

I’m sure you might be wondering a few things right off the bat. So here’s our pre-emptive guess as to what those might be.

1. Content: What to Expect

  •  Adventure Posts!
    • This can be anything from an organized journey to something along the lines of “Hey! Let’s jump into the rafters of Lalia’s Market, play some music, and see what happens!”. We really never know.
    • On occasion we may even have a picture-documented adventure post, complete with illustrations of our every step, though we’ll try to keep those to a minimum for the sake of your browsers, yeah?
  • “Fashion” Posts
    • This is really more Miri’s realm, being the fashionable, dark-haired elf that she is. The best Codella can usually pull off is cute in a pudgy, busty sort of way.
    • Anyway, this will include fashion shoots of particular cosmetics, outfits, steeds, and whatever else we dream up.
  • Social Commentary
    • Which in this case translates to event broadcasting, including but not limited to: parties (both planned and impromptu), tavern nights, musical affairs of all types, and anything else we might run into.
    • This will probably include some RP-ing, though only of the type in which we participate or generate so as to preserve as much privacy as possible for our fellows.
  • Exploration and History Posts
    • This is going to be similar to a “spin the globe”-style adventure, where we randomly choose a place that looks interesting, explore it, then look into its history and lore.
  • Pub Critiques
    • For this, we will essentially be travelling to various NPC and Player-created pubs, sampling their menu and providing a critical write-up on the pub itself and/or particular menu items.
  • Utter Miscellany
    • Anything not covered in the above categories. We’d tell you if we knew, but until we have a post that doesn’t belong anywhere else, it will remain a mystery...

2. Authors: The Nitty Gritty

  • Codella Mosstoes
    • Origin: Overhill, the Shire
    • Race: Hobbit
    • Gender: Female
    • Age:, 45 maybe? She’s not entirely sure.
    • Affiliation with Co-Author: Originally unwilling tagalong, currently enthusiastically willing partaker in adventures and all other un-hobbitish pursuits.
  • Mirinaeth Galadhlin
    • Origin: Edhellond, Gondor
    • Race: Elf
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 107
    • Affiliation with Co-Author: I was initially mesmerized by the tiny creature’s willingness to get in over her head (pun intended) and have since taken the relationship a step further by being a terrifically bad influence (even for a Hobbit that likes adventure) and attempting to peer-pressure her on an almost daily basis.

3. The Reason: Why oh why?

  • Because we have entirely too much to say and way too many people to annoy to keep it all to ourselves.
  • Because we realize the gaping hole in your life can be filled with this website.
  • Because it’s fun.
  • Because everyone needs at least one weekly dose of Miri and Codella.
  • Because it will be a fantastic way to keep all of our rabid fans updated on happenings related, but not limited, to the Don’t Tempt Me Frodo and Flock of Smeagols kinships and bands and The Trapdoor Tavern.

  • Let’s be honest: the real reason is because we just wanted to do a bunch of photoshoots for our background. Anything else is purely unplanned rubbish.

Any unanswered questions will be promptly reviewed, carefully dissected, then burned at the stake. Just kidding! No, but really: direct your politely worded inquiries to either of our email addresses, which can be found in our bios at the bottom of the page.

Real blog posts to follow!

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