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Weatherstock Concert Series VI

Wow, Weatherstock VI was a blast this year! A very quick one, consisting of 20 concerts squashed into 2 weeks for the Concert Series followed by Weatherstock VI itself. This year, we thought we'd do a mini-report on the Concert Series in order to showcase all the amazing bands that participated this year (and the ones that didn't get to play on Weathertop). Enjoy!

1. A Rock and a Hard Place: Friday, May 30 at 5pm

First up, we have the well-rounded group "A Rock and a Hard Place", who kicked off the series at the Prancing Pony Rock (and was the only group to play ON the rock instead of beside it, props!). 

How many shrews can you spot? (This game will be relevant later.)

With the handsome hobbit Bruzo as the leader, the band consisted of a wide variety of players and showcased the SimbelmynĂ« spring fest cosmetics in a fetching purple. Band members as follows: Bruzo, Friewin, Hrovett, Nelphindal, Aliawen, Winfrie, Melusinae, Mjothvitnir, Lanvoc, and Suidbert.

Pictured here: the lovely dancers/firework starters of  Die Meisterbarden von Bree in their traditional (slighty creepy) dance circle!
2. Da Bugans: Friday, May 30 at 9pm

What this band lacks in stature it more than makes up for in entertainment value: the mighty, slightly frightening Da Bugans! Billed as playing at the West Gate of Bree, the audience showed up facing utterly the wrong direction. After a burst of fireworks and a huge blast of sound from the roof of the stables, they figured it out.

Fireproof clothing highly advised.

Da Bugans (the house band of Concerning Hobbits) is headed by Skoch Ondarox, with music by Sobrandbow and other distantly-related-to-hobbit members as follows: Roverna (PR official), Chafobar (advisor), Berbon, Branday, Jadesong, Rubyshard, and Cherrepie.

3. The Breakfast Club: Saturday, May 31 at 4pm

Commencing the second day of the Concert Series, The Breakfast Club had a great varied show with plenty of awesome lyrics in the Bree Park.

All in a lovely blue color, the band consisted of Dallofin (leader), the hobbits Dionuril, Gingerbreadlass, and Rosalei, the elves Larkfeather, Chrisadil, and Attyprecious, Skaldosi the dwarf, and Diraelen the woman.

Jump! Jump! Lots of sliding down the hill occurred. (True: Codella ended up approximately 3 meters from where she began.)

4. Mondbarden: Saturday, May 31 at 5pm

Immediately following The Breakfast Club, Mondbarden finished out the Saturday performances with an approximately 3 and a half hour show at the Prancing Pony rock. Whew, and the award for highest stamina?

 Visiting from the Belegaer server, the band consisted of 6 men/women: Nilene, Leynael, Odhette, Castine, Keyldar, Tunvil, and Carolanne; 2 elves: Thorwinn and Elvirael, and the dwarf Kirgoin. Also, favorite group outfits, hands down!

Codella utilizes the rock for dancing...and drinking. Also, please note the enormous shrew ritual going on in the corner there. Poor Poutine.
5. Notenzauber: Sunday, June 1 at 4pm

Notenzauber took the stage next in the very same place, with a lovely set and very good turnout. That Simbelmyne cosmetic is popular this year, huh?

The band had some great representation between the races going on, with 3 hobbits (Pogno, Brico, and Suzia), 2 men/women (Palwyn and Harongol), a dwarf (Skaldfinn), and an elf (Garbathol). Great playing, guys!

6. The Remediators: Sunday, June 1 at 8pm

The first band to shake up locations, The Remediators played a very cute tropical-themed set in the Staddle picnic area with very snazzy outfits to boot.

The group consisted of the men/women Andilras, Briallan, Brytford, and Jebford (are those two related?), dwarves Siggarek and Krohkur, elves Rahmat, Ringolion, Rhovanael, and Ashigaru, and lone hobbit Malvy.

Toast that mug, Zed!

7. The Just Abbys: Sunday, June 1 at 10pm

The Just Abbys continued with the outside-of-Bree trend and played at local farmer Pierson's house (just south of Bree along the road). Their set featured lots of different music and ensembles, very nice selection!

With their classic concert black, the band consisted of Abaraniel (leader), the dwarf Krohkur, the hobbits Tooney and Jazmyn, the woman Zefa, and the elf Draendir.

8. Runic Knights Orchestra: Tuesday, June 3 at 9pm

RKO shook things up even more with their Tuesday show at The Bird and Baby Inn in Michel Delving. No more Bree venues here! The band had a very solid set with a nice crowd.

The group featured elves Pinoh, Chantillyrose, Belathriel, and Zaxin, men/women Khalawyn, Sanicle, and Steeloak, hobbit Primrosiah, and dwarf Grimbori. Very classy outfits, guys!

9. Grayhawke: Tuesday, June 3 at 10pm

Following immediately afterward and in the same place (convenient, that!), Grayhawke announced they were taking flight in their lovely burnished crimson outfits. (We might've added that last part. Clothes are important, after all.)

The band consisted of all men/women, as follows: Grayhawke, Krellr, Hanili, Cenwey, and Gylwyn. Nice set, everyone!

10. The Rolling Kegs: Thursday, June 5 at 4pm

The all-dwarf band The Rolling Kegs rocked the house down in their Frerin's Court concert. The group is based on Laurelin and features some rowdy tunes to get your feet tapping!

Featuring the talents of Raggolgrimbob, Thrandili, Odsii, Kandrul, Mixolydin, and Krakthor, the band included two members from other bands: Norgili of The Chosen Few and Barkgrim of The Songburrow Strollers (who sadly could not make it to Weatherstock this year). 

11. The Starlight Orchestra: Saturday, June 7 at 2pm

The Starlight Orchestra, founded and headed by Lilikate Buggins, is Landroval's premiere 24-piece orchestra, playing both classical and modern pieces with professional abandon. The group set up in the Bree Park for this concert with a lovely classical setlist and a very well-behaved audience.

Sections as follows: [flutes] Lhinnthel, Esyae, and Brandlaf [clarinets] Bruzo, Zygg, and Pinesong [horns] Krohkur, Zedrockk, and Codella [bagpipes] Atear and Folbri [pibgorn] Corulin [lutes] Brenthiel, Bittercress, and Abaraniel [harps] Larkfeather, Rosalila, and Sonca [theorbos] Louellana, Hollyberye, and Janbathyste [drums] Dallofin [cowbell] Alesel [moor cowbell] Lilikate herself. Whew!

12. Under the Sunlit Sky: Saturday, June 7 at 3pm

Immediately following the orchestra was the ever-popular, ever-gracious group Under the Sunlit Sky, playing at the Prancing Pony rock.

Dressed to kill in their traditional purple, the group consisted of the hobbits Crazypants, Liodora, Petaline, Mirika, and Silcia, the elves Dallarien and Duinne, and some friends from DisEnchanted: Distracted and Weetodd.

13. Muckin Fuddle: Saturday, June 7 at 4pm

And the third concert in a row, this time at the Bree South gate, Muckin Fuddle! The smaller than average group played a solid set with a large number of people passing through.

Consisting of four hobbits: Mchairytoes, Irondahlia, Chudlo, and Erroric and a dwarf: Sherbertdip, this group might be small (yes, we're making a height joke), but they made up for it with their vibrant outfits and songs!

14. Die Meisterbarden von Bree: Saturday, June 7 at 5pm

Theatrical and solid as ever, Die Meisterbarden was a fantastic end to 4 solid hours of concert-going. Playing in their traditional spot in the Bree auction hall, the group featured a lovely setlist with great lyrics and their travelling line of dancers and firework-artists.

The band consisted of 4 hobbits: Fidelila, Slamo, Dodifast, and Littledora, 3 dwarves: Klarsfast, Faflu, and Aldrokli, and a slew of men and women: Arnhor, Mystifax, Dellwulf, Llellewynn, Mayie, Tymon, and Nimgael. The dancers and professional firework-starters are as follows (*deep breath*): Fidelala, Fidelela, Fidelula, Fidelola, Fidulala, Fidulila, Fidulola, and Fidulela. Say that three times fast!

15. The Shades: Sunday, June 8 at 2pm

The Shades kicked off Sunday with a lovely mellow concert full of original compositions and lyrics. Need something to help come down from that Die Meisterbarden show!

Donning their traditional black and white costume, the elves Semyase and Eovina, and men/women Kosei, Abergar, and Achazia delivered the perfect show for a quiet Sunday afternoon.

16. Les Chantefables: Sunday, June 8 at 4pm

The French band Les Chantefables followed shortly after an interlude by the Andune Ensemble with their usual Sunday time at the Prancing Pony rock. The group is based around the concept of telling tales in the form of music, and boy did they deliver!

The band consisted of the hobbits Addoc and Louellana, the dwarves Thaltar and Zedrock, the men/women Janbathyste, Hiragil, and Angilil, and the elves Aranlindor and Eolyianne. Featuring a lovely dark and light green ensemble and their lovely singer Eolyianne, it was a performance to remember.

17. DisEnchanted: Sunday, June 8 at 8pm

Proving that size does not matter, DisEnchanted took the Scholar's Stair Stage with much aplomb and a good sized audience for the start of the night's festivities. 

With their dwarven leader Weetodd, the rest of the group consisted of the hobbit Distracted and the dwarf Disenchanted. (We unfortunately couldn't stay for the whole performance, as we were up next, but my sources say it was a fantastic set!)

18. Flock of Smeagols!: Sunday, June 8 at 9pm

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... Yup, think you guys know this particular group of crazies. We had a great time and played a setlist dedicated to disturbing and offending our audience.

This concert we had the following members: Mirinaeth (PR/composer), Codella (brains/composer), Felobor (well, he made it), Astionn (the newbie!), Auszey (the other newbie), and our special guest for our opening number Skoch of Da Bugans.

No pictures but here, have some video footage! Thanks to Abaraniel of The Just Abbys for recording!

19. Les Beaux Chapeaux: Sunday, June 8 at 10pm

Immediately following the best show ever Flock of Smeagols, Les Beaux Chapeaux set up for their weekly Sunday concert, this time featuring the lovely Miss Ereylen.

The other members of the band (complete with their trademark Hats) consisted of the hobbits Tromblon, Palafoxia, Chukkato, Fincin, Bredouille, Totiny, Marre, and Ime, the dwarf Grasdur, and the man Orladan of Bright Star. A wonderful set with some amusing lyrics from the soloist!

20. The Chosen Few: Monday, June 9 at 3pm

And finally, our 20th concert, The Chosen Few! Wearing a mixture of black and blue, the group played a great set to finish out the Concert Series, congrats guys!

The band had some great representation for the shorter races, featuring the dwarves Grymrock, Norgili, Zhigi, and Nafing and the hobbits Tallic, Gotilia, and Maramac.

Whew, what a fortnight! These reporters are pooped out, that's for sure. Do us a favor, Lonely Mountain Band, and give us a little advance warning before hosting something like this again, yeah? Like, maybe a year? A year sounds good. Codella and Miri out!

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