Monday, March 31, 2014

Party Aftermath: St. Patrick's Day, 2014

Whooo, yaaay St. Patrick’s Day! *hic* ...What’re you lookin’ at? *passes out*

Waterworks drunk sleep 2.jpg
You know it’s a good time if you wake up drunk in an unreachable area of Moria.

So yeah, the party! It went well, we made some new friends, and we have some audio clips for those who couldn't make it: (For shame!)

1. Rocky Road to Dublin (flute solo by Codella)
2. Toss the Feathers (clarinet-Liodora)
3. Mist on the Mountain (drums-Skoch, horn-Mirinaeth, bagpipes-Rozalinde)
4. Whiskey in the Jar (vocals and pibgorn-Mirinaeth)
5. The Irish Washerwoman (provided by Under the Sunlit Sky)
6. The Chicken (clarinet solo-Liodora, horn solo-Mirinaeth)
7. A-Roving (bagpipes-Rozalinde)
8. Molly on the Shore (clarinet-Liodora)
9. Athol Braes (Slow instrument add-on: see if you can name them all!)
10. Red Rose (provided by Under the Sunlit Sky)
11. Gary Owen (drum solo-Skoch, flute solo-Codella)
12. Children's March (horn-Mirinaeth)
13. Danny Boy (flute solo by Codella)
14. The Green Glens of Antrim (BAGPIPES)
15. Turkey in the Straw (vocals-Mirinaeth, clarinet-Liodora)
16. Angler's Reel (horn-Mirinaeth)
17. Braveheart Disco Remix (skip to 0:58 for the good bit)
18. The Maid Who Sold Her Barley (sung by Mirinaeth)
19. The Lost Lady Found (sung by Mirinaeth)
20. (BONUS TRACK) I Ran performed by Flock of Smeagols

Codella Mosstoes, Flock of Smeagols
Mirinaeth Galahdin, Flock of Smeagols
Rozalinde Fairholm, Concerning Hobbits
Skoch Ondarox, Concerning Hobbits
Crazypants, Under the Sunlit Sky
Petaline, Under the Sunlit Sky
Liodora, Under the Sunlit Sky

From left to right: Petaline, Crazypants, Rozalinde, Liodora, Mirinaeth, Codella, and Skoch (who didn't get the 'Wear Green!' memo).

Here’s to many more events with these 2 lovely kins!

Also, our next entry should feature a new Trot the Globe/Deed achievement entry, so you can look forward to that!

French Hobbiton unknown tower 2.jpg
Sooo, I know I said I like climbing but...

(Note - So we realize that a good portion of recent entries have been about Flock of Smeagols, but as it’s Codella and Miri’s kin, it takes up a good portion of their time and energy, not to mention the effort it takes to organize these events with just the two of us. So apologies about the advertising!)

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