Saturday, March 8, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Collaborative Giganta-Party!

Down in front!

Yes, you read that headline right: Flock of Smeagols is putting on a collaborative St. Patrick’s Day party with two other kinships a week from this Saturday! Because, as we all know, Halloween may be the most important holiday, but St. Patrick’s follows very closely after. ...At least according to us.

So. Details, anyone?

Who: Flock of Smeagols, Concerning Hobbits (and their house band, Da Bugans...I believe that’s spelled correctly), and Under the Sunlit Sky
What: A party, that’s what! Music, games, food, drinks, fireworks, the whole shebang.
When: Saturday, March 15th at 1-4pm EST (game time)
Where: The Golden Perch, Stock, the Shire
Stock the view.jpg
We may or may not be on the rooftop. Well, where else is a group this size supposed to play?

Schedule Breakdown:
[Please note: this is subject to change and is really more of a guide of what things you can expect to enjoy.]

1:00 - Big Band, first set
St. Patty's MY EARS.jpg
We hold no responsibility for damage inflicted by enthusiastic pibgorn players.

Yes, we start off with a bang! This will include all eligible (and sometimes illegible) members of all three bands, playing in one group. We’ll likely be on the roof, so please look skyward if you arrive and the inn seems deserted.

1:30 - Flock of Smeagols Set

Night 2-10.jpg
Oh please, stop. You’re embarrassing us!

St. Patty's emotes 3.jpg
Though really, we do that well enough on our own...

That’s right, for about 15 minutes or so, you can enjoy the unique musical talents of your favorite band! You know, starts with an F? Three words? No? *sigh*

1:45 - Musical Chairs
Musical Chairs Winner!.jpg
Next time, Miri. Next time.

Led by none other than your friendly neighborhood Concerned Hobbits, this will surely challenge both your aural and fancy footwork skills. Fun prizes are planned, so you won’t want to miss this one!

2:15 - Under the Sunlit Sky set
Under the Sunlit Sky (Lilikate Buggins).jpg
Yay for purple! (Photo courtesy of Lilikate Buggins.)

Known as one of the most conscientious, welcoming kins on the server, this group made their first big musical break this past Winterstock to great acclaim. Let’s hear it!

2:30 - Bad Jokes Contest
Bad Jokes.jpg
We said “Bad”, not “Horrendous”.

Dig out your most eyeroll-worthy numbers for this one, ‘cause we still have some great prizes to give away! This will be limited to the first 5 people to sign up, so be ready.

3:00 - Da Bugans set
Concerning Hobbits party (Burnet).jpg
D’awwww, aren’t they adorable? (Photo courtesy of Burnet.)

The inimitable, the mostly appropriate (heh, who are we kidding), often misunderstood Da Bugans! Led by Skoch of Concerning Hobbits, this group only formed last autumn and is well on its way to terrorizing the entirety of Middle-Earth. Well-done!

3:15 - Big Band, second set
Stock the green.jpg
Back to the rooftops, click click click...

If you missed the first big band set, not to worry! We’re back, with an even better, even bigger selection of vaguely holiday-appropriate music coming at you! We plan to finish up at or a little before 4pm EST (or game time) in order to allow time to get over to the Murder Mystery event happening up at Windy Acres. Hunter ports if you got ‘em!

We hope to see you there and if you have any questions, comments, or slight confusion, direct such queries to either Mirinaeth or Codella. We accept in-game messages and mail as well as emails (see our addresses at the bottom of the page).

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