Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lotro(geek's) 30-Day Picture Challenge: Day 21

21. PARTY ROCK - Favorite Festival Game. (Bonus points for a picture from each festival)

The Summer Festival: Here, we can see Miri sharing a dance with one of the locals at the feast relay race near the Party Tree.

The Harvest Festival: Miri in her “Tron” costume, scaring people with the /boo emote at the Haunted Burrow.

The Farmer’s Faire: Give up your eggs, chickens!!  Come oonnnn, striped one!!!!!!  Gotta love the Egg Scramble.  You know what makes this game even better?  Playing the Chicken Dance for the other scramblers while you wait for your cooldown.

The Yuletide Festival:  Miri plays Gandalf, the villain, in the Frostbluff Theatre’s production of The Disappearance of Mad Baggins.

The Spring Festival:  There it goes... GET IT!!!

The Spring Festival: aka D.R.A.G.O.N. Wars! (Codella always wins.)

The Anniversary Celebration: Let’s get really drunk and set off fireworks! ...That’s it. That’s the fest.

The Treasure Hunt: It’s all luck. Sheer luck. (Good thing Codella has a lot of that.)

One from every festival.  
Picture Challenge: 0    Codella & Miri: 1

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