Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lotro(geek's) 30-Day Picture Challenge: Day 14

14. Entering enemy land - a scout’s view of the coolest/best defended enemy outpost.

Yes, that is me in the brightest blue dress I could find, playing jolly tunes on top of the mustering horn outside of one of the gates to Carn Dûm.  I can’t say I had much of a crowd...
Best defended: Dol Dinen’s Hisuk in the southeastern North Downs. Complete with siege engines, catapults, walls upon walls, and TONS of elite orcs and trolls, this place has it all. 

And the coolest, also in the North Downs, Nan Wathren.

One picture wouldn’t do since this place has on average 3 different elevations going on at once consisting of rope bridges, steep hills, deep ravines, and actual level ground.

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