Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lotro(geek's) 30-Day Picture Challenge: Day 9

9. Gl1tcht4st1c - Most interesting glitch encountered.

Horse butt in the kinhouse!

Ummmm...I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be a building there. Hey guys...I think I broke Bree.

Miri managed to steal the chair right out from under this unsuspecting lady in the Bree vault. That’s one way to win at musical chairs...

Yay, let’s gang up on an unsuspecting man! Perhaps not really a “glitch” but whenever someone signs off and their character remains...it opens up lots of screenshot opportunities. Pictured on the far left, our kins-elf and cohort in shenanigans, Chastine Banejones, and our more down-to-earth associate and musical entrepreneur, Eddenwulf.
Huh, I wasn’t even aware I could levitate! *Go go hobbit hoverstool!*

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