Monday, July 8, 2013

Lotro(geek's) 30-Day Picture Challenge: Day 8

8. Mounting up! - Your favourite mount.

This was my most anticipated steed, the Blue Roan - Tinnuroch.  Thank you Spring Festival for bringing her back another year!

Remember this beauty? This is Marja (MAR-yuh), my beautiful Steed of the Hunter that you met while reading about Codella’s and my trip to Nen Harn.  We’ve been through some risky business together, that’s for sure. (*suddenly pictures both myself and Marja in a button-up and white socks, sliding across the floor*)

Meet Fleck, a reward from the Eglain. The wonderful thing about him is his rugged yet classy look. Fashion tips from the Rangers!

Then, of course, we can’t forget about our Prized booze-steeds, Stanley the Ale Association Goat and Slosh, the Inn League Pony.  How does that saying go...”The party don’t start ‘til we walk in!”

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